Max Anderson vs. Jordan Clark: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 18:59
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Jordan Clark                 6’                   202 lbs.              24yo
Max Anderson              6’                   198 lbs.              30yo

Jordan (white speedos) hates to lose a match as much as anyone that has ever wrestled at Movimus. Max (green speedos) is definitely Jordan’s arch-rival. In fact, Jordan doesn’t want to wrestle anyone else until he decisively defeats Max. So Jordan gets his rematch. Jordan has been working those huge, powerful legs of his and it shows very early in the match when he gets Max in a headscissors. Max struggles until he turns Jordan on his side and we have a double head scissors. Totally awesome site. Both these great wrestlers, with their super strong legs, wrap each other in a head scissors and hold it for a long time. Incredibly, neither wrestler submits, but the move takes it’s toll on both guys.

...they make for a REALLY great match."


As they continue to lock up and wrestle around, it becomes obviously that Jordan has a strength advantage. The question is : can Max use his skill to get the less experienced Jordan into one of his many finishing holds? Jordan is not about to let that happen. He patiently waits to get the right move on Max and he applies the pressure. It’s as if Jordan has watched each and every one of Max’s matches and is just waiting for him to make a mistake. Sure enough, he catches Max and cranks on the pressure. Max taps out!

...this match seems to confirm my earlier impression that Movimus is upping the hell-yeah in its matches this year. It's more of a roar or animal yowl, and maybe it signals one more step in the redefinition of the company's approach to underground wrestling, from staid pursuit of sport and the tallying of points towards something a bit more emotive and dynamic."

Ringside at Skull Island

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This match goes 2 out of 3 falls and is just absolutely incredible wrestling throughout. Max is better than ever and Jordan is not going to be intimidated, over-powered, or out-wrestled. Great power moves and holds from both these wrestlers. This feud is no where near over. They are both asking for a re-match. Max is completely convinced that he will come out on top – all the time! Jordan is not about to let that happen.


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