Max Anderson vs. Marco Talus: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 21:43
File Size: 992.6MB

Marco Talus 6’2” 193 25yo
Max Anderson 6’ 188lbs. 29yo

THE REMATCH! It’s been almost 2 years since these two wrestlers have faced each other. The first match ended in a draw, no submission or tap-outs, after twenty minutes of fierce wrestling. Both these guys are trained submission wrestlers and both totally hate to lose. Marco (white speedos) is lighter, stronger and faster. Max (green speedos) is more ripped, cut and has super cardio ability.

Both these wrestlers are completely determined to come out of this one a winner. Marco shows right off that he is ready to use everything he has to beat Max. He gets control right away and works really hard to keep Max on the mat and squirming. But Max , as always, is calm and calculating. He waits for the right moment, the right move, the right mistake from his opponent. Max finally reverses and begins working on Marco.

These two guys are really strong. They both look strong and they are. That, combined with a superior submission ability, is a real threat to their opponents. Both these wrestlers have beat many of the regular Movimus Wrestlers. Neither will back down from a match. They are both always ready to wrestle when they get the chance. Lots of “real” submission moves and hold. Head locks, arm bars, lots of scissors. Both wrestlers work to keep control and get the one move that will make the other guy tap out. And so this match goes, back and forth, both wrestlers giving all he’s got and working really hard to win the match.

There is a definitely winner this time – 2 submissions and a lot of frustration. It’s always good when we get two guys to go at each other and we have no idea in advance who is going to win – definitely the case here. This could have gone either way. But there is just one winner – one undefeated winner. Both these guys are still asking for more matches, more competition. Both are still ready to go at it again. Look for both of them on Movimus.


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