Michael White vs. Jon Lopez

Total Running Time: 17:29
File Size: 212.3MB

Michael White 6'3" 187 19yo
Jon Lopez 5'11 190 22yo

Jon Lopez (red speedos) is one powerful boy. Very, very strong - he works out consistently. He builds bulk and strength - as you can see for yourself. Michael (blue speedos) is a long, lanky wrestler from Southern New Jersey with a lot of submission wrestling experience. This promised to be a great set up. In their first match for Movimus , both wrestlers were out to impress.

Michael is excellent at using his long body to his advantage. But when he wraps Jon up in multiple scissors, Jon just powers right out. Even Michael's head scissors is no match for Jon's strength. So Michael figures he has to tire this big guy out, then finish him off. They toss each other around the mat for fifteen minutes, great exchanges of moves and holds, lots of potential submission, but no tap out. Finally, Michael gets Jon locked and frustrated and Jon taps.

The second match is much shorter, because Jon is determined to destroy the long, lanky teenager. He pushes and controls until he gets a wicked head scissors. Michael struggles for what seems like an eternity, but just can't force those powerful legs apart. Right across the throat (due to a bad turn) Michael is choked and head scissored at the same time. It's all over. This match ends in a draw. No doubt: rematch to come!

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