Mario Foccia vs. Jace Davis

Total Running Time: 14:56
File Size: 325.3MB

Mario Foccia          5'6"       145lbs.     30
Jace Davis             5'8"        140lbs.    26

Mario (in the blue speedos) thought this was going to be an easy win. He had total confidence that he could beat Jace (gray and white striped speedos) especially after seeing Jace stretch.

Jace doesn't have a lot of wrestling experience, but he is one tough dude. Mario uses his upper body strength very well and works for the finishing head scissors. He really tossed Jace at first, but Jace caught Mario completely off guard and finished him in a totally awesome figure-four head scissors. Mario had a new kind of respect for the inexperience wrestler.

They wrestled a two-out-of-three definitive matches with no doubt who the stronger wrestler is. These two guys are becoming really great (and respected) friends. They've already asked Nusto set them up as a tag team. TOTALLY AWESOME MATCH!!!

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