Duke Russo vs. Dave Markus

Total Running Time: 31:18
File Size: HD 1.73GB/ 4K 8.49GB

Duke Russo 5’9” 177 lbs.
Dave Markus 5’9” 174 lbs.

Dave (blue speedos) challenges Duke (fatigue speedos. Dave has watched Duke wrestle many times and, as cocky as Dave is, he was totally convinced that he could beat Duke even though he knows that Duke is undefeated and has beaten some of the best wrestlers at Movimus. Dave tries for the first take-down, but Duke will have none of that. Duke gives Dave a front-face lock and brings him to the mat and climb on top for control. But Dave is a very powerful guy. He attempts to match muscle and power with Duke and he does manage to get Duke on the defensive. Duke struggles and turns up the pressure. Dave counters and increases the intensity of the match.

"This is the well-matched battle of my dreams... and no lover of honest grappling or manly muscle would want to miss this contest."

Ringside at Skull Island

Duke plants his powerful chest against Dave’s while Dave is on his back on the mat. You can see the super power in Duke’s body and he struggles to keep Dave firmly on his back. Duke squeezes Dave’s head as every muscle in Duke’s body is tensed and taut. Dave is forced to tap-out. Dave just can’t believe he lost the first fall – and he is totally focused and determined on not letting Duke win another fall.

At one point Duke catches Dave in a figure-four body scissors. Dave is squirming in pain as Duke pours on the pressure. Check out the muscular definition of Duke’s thighs as he squeezes all the air out of Dave’s lungs. You can just see how strong Duke is. Duke clamps a triangle on Dave from the guard position. Dave struggles to escape and catches Duke in a full chest scissor as Duke continues to apply the triangle. Totally awesome exchange between these two very muscular bodies. This is simply as good as it gets. Great wrestling – super strong, muscular and ripped bodies.

"In the end, this match actually lives up to the hype... They're both in incredible shape, getting more pumped as the action continues. Their impressive bodies look perfect as they battle and strain. For Movimus fans, this is a slam dunk winner."  

The Cave

Wrestlers: Dave Markus, Duke Russo

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