Aron Stokes vs. Duke Russo

Total Running Time: 22:24
File Size: HD 1.24GB/ 4K 1.7GB

Aron Stokes                  6’1”               172 lbs
Duke Russo                  5’10”             175lbs

Newcomer Duke (red speedos) challenged Aron (multi-colored speedos) for his first Movimus match.   Duke is a personal trainer and body builder with lots of wrestling and ju-jitsu experience.   The take-down goes to Duke and Aron struggles to escape.   Aron works to reverse and gain control but Duke will have none of that.   Knowing how strong Aron is, and what a great wrestler he has become in the last couple years, we were surprised to see how Duke controlled and dominated Aron in the first few minutes of this match.   Even as Aron uses his height and great leverage to turn Duke and gain control, Duke seems to know just what to do to keep Aron on his back on the mat.   Aron struggles and fights hard, but Duke continues to dominate.   Aron is not used to this kind of match at all.

Duke is 180lbs of power. While Aron try his best to tame this beast, even having a shot at it when the rookie shows signs of fatigue, he repeatedly finds himself trapped with little options to counterattack."


When Aron finally gains control, it is almost like Duke is just playing with him.   Aron continues to up the pressure and work for some of his best holds, but Duke seems to know just what to do to counter Aron’s attach.   Duke again gains control and keeps Aron struggling to keep from getting caught in a finishing move or hold.  Duke is relentless.  He just keeps tremendous pressure on Aron – he keeps control of almost the whole match – he definitely gives Aron a wrestling lesson.

After twenty minutes of a fierce battle and struggle, Duke finally gets Aron to tap out.  Aron comes back for the second fall with a renewed determination to win and punish Duke.  Duke shows his exhaustion and it seems that Aron is going to take Duke down and keep him under control – probably use his wicked head scissors to get the tough body builder to submit.  But that is definitely not Duke’s plan.  Without a doubt, Duke proved that he is capable of taking on some of the best wrestlers at Movimus.   This may be his first Movimus match, but Duke is a “real” wrestler and you can easily see how much he hates to lose.   Aron finds that out the hard way !

Watch for Duke going against some of the toughest Movimus wrestlers.   They are already asking for a match against Duke !


Wrestlers: Aron Stokes, Duke Russo

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