Bracman vs. David Dirk

Total Running Time: 19:02
File Size: 166.7MB

Bracman 6'2" 225 35yo
David Dirk 6'2" 202 37yo

Bracman (black speedos) came to NYC from Seattle just to wrestle. He loves to travel and loves to wrestle - a great combination. David (grey speedos) is a NYC favorite son whose been waiting for a good opponent to take down in a taped match. Both these big guys are experienced wrestlers, the smooth, tough, big guy from Seattle against the hairy, muscular, brawler from Manhattan.

Although Bracman was initially intimidated when he saw the size of David, especially his huge arms and barrel chest, it didn't take Bracman long to overcome that intimidation. Those of you who like the real tough, more experienced wrestlers, you've got two of them here. Not only can they both take a real hard body punch - anywhere - they both can give one as well. At one point, with both men on their feet slugging it out, we thought we were going to see a real fist fight ( I think we did). These guys could have wrestled and fought all night. Neither wanted to stop. This is some fight.

It starts out as an all out wrestling match and ends up being a fight. These guys are really very evenly matched, but you'd never know it by the outcome of this brawl. One guy did all the winning - bet you can't guess whom. This is one you'll watch over and over.

If anyone thinks that Wrestling Wrestling is "fake", ask them to check out this match.

Wrestlers: Bracman, David Dirk, Origins

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