Brandon Aldrich vs. Asante

Total Running Time: 26:37
File Size: 321.3MB

Brandon Aldrich        6'     195 lbs      23yo
Asante                      6'1"  188 lbs      27yo

Once Asante (black speedos), saw Brandon (green speedos) wrestle Swage, he asked us for a match with Brandon. Brandon willingly accepted. These two athletes are evenly matches in size and experience. Both are in excellent cardio vascular shape and we were convinced that this was going to be a great match-up -- and it was.

Brandon used his size and bulk to over power Asante at first, but not for long. Asante is wiry, agile and quick and he used it all quite effectively against Brandon. This is a true 2 out of 3 fall match. It's a slower paced submission match than Movimus is used to with lots of long held holds. Both guys just would not give up. Both wrestlers wound up depending more on power than skill, so this turned into a test of strength and strong wills.

Brandon holds Asante in a strong cross face and body scissors for the longest time. Asante just squirms until he is free. When Brandon asked Asante "do you give", Asante just laughed. Asante climbs on top of Brandon and keeps Brandon down on the mat unable to recover just by using his height and excellent leverage. No submission here either, so both wrestlers knew that each had to work much harder to win the match, and they did.

No doubt about the genuineness of this Movimus Match. Great wrestling, great wrestlers, great guys.

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