Aaron Stride vs. Travis Blake

Total Running Time: 18:09
File Size: 218.2MB

Aaron Stride 5’10” 185 24yo
Travis Blake 5’11” 185 25yo

Two IWF Professional Wrestlers (Independent Wrestling Federation) taking each other on in a submission match. Two big, strong boys that have wrestled each other in the professional ring many times. This is their first submission match against each other and it’s a barn burner. They toss each other, smack, hit and punch to break a hold and go all out to leave the ring a winner. Aaron (purple speedos) is one tough blond kid. He has five years of pro wrestling experience and is used to being bounced around. He just won’t quit. Travis (green speedos) is a determined tough guy with major attitude. He is determined not to let Aaron beat him in a real match.

This is a match of control, each wrestler is consistently trying to gain control on the mat. For pros, these guys sure know how to get to the mat and do some serious wrestling. Lots of head locks and arm bars from both wrestlers. Tremendous endurance, as you would expect. These guys go all out for over 20 minutes of continuous, non-stop action with just one tap out at the very end of the match (exactly the way we like it). Both have really strong, big legs and they both do their best to stay away from the other guys scissors. Great leg and ankle locks are used by both wrestlers.

This is must see match. I can’t wait to get these guys on the mat against Jax Holland, Chris Voronin or Max Anderson. I feel a tag team match in the making.

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