Axel vs. Dave Martell

Total Running Time: 21:26
File Size: SD 245.6MB/ HD 1.2GB

Dave Martell 6'1" 172 35yo
Axel 6'1" 163 22yo

After watching what a good wrestler Dave (red speedos) is, and how he handled Brandon Aldrich, we decided to give him a match with the very experienced, trained, collegiate strongman, Axel, (black speedos). The cocky Axel again thought he was going to have an easy time with Dave but he soon found himself locked in a vicious head scissors. When he struggled, with great difficulty, to get out of that one, he found himself locked in a tight figure-four head scissors that had him reeling - trying not to submit.

Finally, Axel escapes with a new found respect for Dave. A fantastic exchange of collegiate and submission moves and holds follow for a full 20 minutes without a break of a submission. This is one of the few Movimus matches that ends in a draw. It is one that you will watch over and over again. Axel expert use of collegiate moves has practically no effect on Dave and Dave's tremendous submission skill has no toll on Axel. These guys are as evenly matches as we can get. Everyone will like the even exchange and tough wrestling in this match.

Wrestlers: Axel, Dave Martell, Origins

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