Axel vs. Roger Bennett

Total Running Time: 23:08
File Size: SD 274.8MB/ HD 1.2GB

Roger Bennett 6'4" 204 31yo
Axel 6'1' 163 22yo

Axel (red speedos) asked us to wrestle a big guy after his match with Tony D'Angelo. Roger Bennett has been away from Movimus wrestling for over a year. But he has been working out, putting on muscle, and learning a lot more submission wrestling. Roger and Tony are friends, so the talk was all about how Roger should go about beating Axel. Roger heard all about the great skills and super speed of Axel, and he was especially cautious about Axel's take downs, which are almost defenseless against.

But the cocky Axel was up against a guy 3 inches taller and 40 pounds heavier. It's not the kind of set up NHB usually has, but Axel was totally confident ( and maybe Axel needed a small lesson) -- that is exactly what he got. He used speed, power, and skill without much effect on Roger. Roger used a full body scissors and head lock (mostly choke hold), to get the first submission from Axel. A full nelson, with Axel on his back with no where to go, got the second submission from Axel. Axel was pissed, and surprisingly, Roger started to back off. Axel becomes a lot more aggressive and determined.

The rest of the match is a real all-out brawl. Axel was totally the aggressor while Roger did all he could not to get caught in submission. The more Roger used his height to escape and hold Axel at bay, the more angry Axel got. Great wrestling from both these in shape wrestlers.

Wrestlers: Axel, Origins, Roger Bennett

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