Bobby Ventura vs. Patrick Donovan

Total Running Time: 25:21
File Size: 543.5MB

Bobby Ventura            5'8"    158lbs.      35
Patrick Donovan         6'1"    165lbs       27

Both Bobby, (black speedos with green and yellow stripe ), and Patrick, (solid black speedos ), are experienced wrestlers who have been waiting a long time for us to set up a match between them. Patrick came back much more muscular and in shape than he was for his last match. He was initially intimidated by the size of the chest on Bobby (he told us after the match). These two guys wanted the win so bad they could taste it. Bobby was not at all intimidated by Patrick's height, in fact, he welcomed the challenge of beating the guy with the long legs. Patrick immediately tried using those long, sinewy legs and it worked for a while. But Bobby was just too strong. He was able to power out of most of the full body scissors and cradles. Patrick's frustration was beginning to show when he turned up the speed and intensity. He fought like a trooper. He used every wrestling move he had ever learned and even tried some he has only seen on other videos. These two guys fought to four grueling submissions. There is no doubt who won the match. The wrestling is intense and rough. It is perhaps, a match of upper body strength against legs and a strong will.

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