Denny Webb vs. Tino Bravado

Total Running Time: 23:04
File Size: 191.7MB

Tino Bravado        5’8”         153          19yo
Denny Webb         5’11”       164          19yo

This is really great.   The cut, tight, muscular Tino (red/black speedos) challenged the way skilled Denny (Blue speedos) as soon as he saw Denny on Wanna Wrestle 29.   Tino has been asking NHB for better challenges for a long time now .  (He turned down a match against Max Anderson.)   Denny will wrestle anyone at anytime and when we told Denny how really tough Tino is, Denny was more than ready.

They met at Liam O’Connor’s new, fantastic wrestling space in Chicago.   Denny flew to Chicago just to wrestle.  The huge mats made it super easy for these two great wrestlers to throw each other around, and keep the action going – and man – did they do just that.  At one point, Tino tries to stand up and get a release, but Denny hangs on and throws Tino to the mat four different times.

Tino uses his really powerful legs consistently during this match to keep Denny a body length away – making it  hard for Denny to use his skill.  Tino is incredibly strong and uses all that power to push out of many of Denny’s best holds.   Tino’s choke weakens Denny and the more he gets choked out, the weaker Denny gets.   Tino’s muscles just get more and more pumped and powerful as he wrestles.

This match has just one submission – the rematch is already planned.  These two young, tough guys want a piece of each other.  Tino is asking for a match using body punches.

Wrestlers: Denny Webb, Tino Bravado

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