Tino Bravado vs. Bobby Baker: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 21:41
Flie Size: 263.7MB

Tino Bravado 5'8" 154 19yo
Bobby Baker 5'11" 168 19yo

THE REMATCH! Neither Tino (green speedos) nor Bobby (red speedos) felt like there was a winner in their first match. Bobby was not happy when Tino started telling his friends that he won the match. We were convinced that there would be a decisive victory in this match. WRONG! Again these two muscle teens wrestled to a draw, getting one submission each. They both have super strong legs and each thought the other would tap out if caught in a head scissors. Only one of them was right. They each got the head scissors one each other and only one of them tapped. The other wrestler resorted to a vicious choke to get a tap out.

These two tough teens wrestle with a lot of respect for each other. They both know that either one of them can be beat if the right hold is applied. They each totally know how strong the other is - and that creates respect. Bobby tries over and over to use his long, lanky body to out balance and control Tino. But Tino is just too strong. Tino is so powerful he can just toss Bobby around. Bobby has to rely on his wrestling ability to get control of Tino.

This is not over. These two guys are already planning the rematch. Bobby has been coming to Movimus just to learn more moves and holds. We can't wait till this feud is settled.

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