Enrique Tallos vs. Tino Bravado

Total Running Time: 26:33
File Size: SD 319.1MB/ HD 1.51 GB

Enrique Tallos 5'6' 136 18yo
Tino Bravado 5'7 155 19yo

Enrique (blue speedos) has been asking us for this match for almost a year. Tino (red speedos) is just so strong and powerful, cut and shredded, that we hesitated to set this match up. Enrique doesn't like to tap, and we were afraid he may get hurt against Tino rather than submit. He didn't get hurt, but we sure were right about him taking a beating and not submitting. Tino just kept muscling Enrique. Enrique does his share of handling Tino. He is a real good wrestler and loves a real challenge, so he gave it his all. He actually had Tino working real hard a few times to escape a tight, tough long by the smaller wrestler.

But Enrique get tossed, wrapped up, squeezed, and pounced without submitting. He is game, and he just won't quit. Enrique is turning out to be one the best Movimus Wrestlers. Both Pappagio Brothers have challenges out for Enrique. But Enrique wants the bigger, stronger guys, and he expects to win. Keep watching Movimus Wrestling for Enrique Tallos. As he matures and grows, he's going to be a force to reckon with.

Give Enrique another year and we will rematch him with Tino. The muscle boy (Tino) may be in for a surprise.

Note: For the AI-Enhanced HD version, there are some artifacts which was transferred during the digitization process from the Hi8 tapes due to aging. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

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