Tino Bravado vs. Bobby Baker

Total Running Time: 33:13
File Size: SD 403.8MB/ HD 1.97GB

Tino Bravado             5'7"          155 lbs             19yo
Bobby Baker             5'11"         166 lbs             19yo

Both wrestlers from Indiana went to school together and were often athletic rivals.  When Bobby (Green speedos) saw that Tino (red speedos) was a Movimus Wrestler, Tino was instantly challenged. Both wrestlers did not want to take home a loss. Both wanted to tell his friends that he beat the other guy. They wrestled cautiously. But the action is still intense and these two lean, cut bodies are being pushed to exhaustion. Tino is real strong and tosses Bobby around.  But Bobby is a skilled wrestler. He knew how to manipulate Tino and tie him up.

When these guys flex you can feel the pressure just from watching. Bobby gets a real tight body scissors on Tino and Tino squirms to avoid submission. Tino tries many times for a tight choke, but Bobby is just too strong and he’s looking out for that hold. He knows Tino has defeated many opponents in a choke hold. Bobby keeps trying to use his long, powerful legs, but Tino is just too strong. Tino realizes early in the match that he is powerful enough to get out of Bobby’s holds.

This match ends in a draw, no submissions at all.   We know it is a very disappointing “non-finish” but you can be assured that the rematch will be a site to behold.  We are already telling these guys what will happen if there isn’t an absolute winner of the rematch – give that one your best guess ! LOL! It’s planned and it will happen – you will see!


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