Ty Mitchell vs. Tino Bravado

Total Running Time: 25:01
File Size: 303.1MB

            Ty Mitchell                            5’11”   150     18yo
            Tino Bravado                        5’8”     145     19yo

            Ty Mitchell (black speedos) saw Tino (purple speedos) wrestle Ernie Willis and contacted Movimus right away requesting a match against Tino. Ty told us the he never wrestled a submission match before and he was not on his school wrestling team, but he really like to wrestle and he thought he was a pretty tough guy. So Ty came to meet us in Chicago and we were pretty impressed, although we thought he was “biting off more than he could chew “ in challenging Tino.

            Tino, as you can tell, is built, tough, aggressive, and very strong, even though he has no formal wrestling training. We told Ty that he might not be able to give Tino a good match, but Ty assured us that he would do his best. So the challenge was on !

            Tino begins by using his power and takes Ty to the mat. It appears that Tino can easily over power Ty. An awesome body scissors has Ty squirming to get out of Tino’s very strong legs. He escapes and tries reversing the hold, only to get tossed to the mat again by Tino.

            At this point, it seems that Ty has a complete change of attitude. It’s almost as if he decided that this guy was not going to control or hurt him anymore. Ty begins taking charge and he doesn’t stop. Ty keeps Tino struggling on the mat for 25 minutes – Ty in control – Tino working hard to escape and reverse.   No submissions ! No tap outs! Just continuous, aggressive, very tough, competitive wrestling.

            It goes for a full 30 minutes of a grueling battle with just one tap out, one “I give up”, at the very end.   Absolutely, one of the very best matches you’ll ever see. You’ve got to watch this full match – It’s’ Awesome !

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