Tino Bravado vs. Kerry Bond

Total Running Time: 31:38
File Size: 267.6MB

Tino Bravado            5'8"        148 lbs         19yo
Kerry Bond               5'7"        157 lbs         19yo

Kerry ( blue speedos) is Tino's (Black shorts) classmate and rival who learned that Tino was wrestling for Movimus. Kerry challenged Tino right out !  . Tino brought Kerry to Movimus telling us that "the kid is strong. Not sure if I can beat him". Tino was sure right. This kid is very strong, powerful and aggressive, but not much wrestling experience. He totally controls Tino for more than 17 minutes of this match, but never gets the tap. Tino is one of the toughest Movimus Wrestlers, so we sure were impressed with Kerry.

As much as Tino uses his power, especially his legs, to get control of Kerry, Kerry just powers down Tino and keeps him wrapped up. It's awesome to see the straining muscle of these two wrestlers, both work out and are in awesome shape. Apparently Kerry is stronger. He tosses and pushes Tino all over the mat. Tino is the better technical wrestler, but he needs to get the powerhouse tired before he can finish him off.

Finally, Tino gets a reversal and goes for the submission. Kerry is somewhat at a loss as to how to escape, although he makes a valiant effort for a long time before taping out. Kerry wanted the rematch right away, but we convinced him to workout and wrestle some of our other guys before going after Tino again. Watch for this rematch soon.

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