Tino Bravado vs. Liam O'Connor

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Tino Bravado 5'8" 145 19yo
Liam O'Conner 5'9" 165 34yo

The Chicago Rec Room was buzzin about this match. The experienced submission wrestler, Liam (black bike shorts), is well know to all the Chicago wrestlers. Heís wrestled almost all the Chicago crew and won almost every match. Tino (blue knee pads) developed a great reputation for being very, very strong and competitive. Everyone knows that Tino has been training with some of the submission men from Chicago and he has really perfected many of his most devastating submission moves. This OLDER VS. YOUNGER match drew almost all the Chicago Movimus Wrestlers to watch the brawl.

Tino begins by bringing the bigger Liam down and quickly throwing on a tight head scissors (the first time we've seen Tino use that hold). Liam is off guard and surprised by the totally powerful legs and tight squeeze. He doesn't get out and is forced to submit. Everyone is impressed. Tino has beaten the tough pro in less than a minute. WOW !

But it sure is not over. Liam comes back tougher and wilder than ever, and Tino has his hands full. Liam is extremely strong and has super submission skills.  Tino finds all that out the hard way. It's great to see the incredible muscle body on Tino get twisted, squeezed, wrapped up, choked out, and just tossed. He fights back , real hard, and this is a war. The winner is going to be the guy who can last the longest, that is obvious. The teen has his hands full and it's a beautiful sight to see him in a real brawl.

Tino is going to keep working out and getting better. Watch for him in many more Movimus matches.

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