Rusty Rabell vs. Derek Ortiz

Total Running Time: 21:26
File Size: HD 1.0 GB/ 4K 4.78GB

Rusty Rabell 5’11” 149 27yo
Derek Ortiz 5’8” 130 19yo

In an inspiring display of skill and determination, Derek, the fearless 130-pound teen in a dazzling multi-colored speedo, takes on Rusty, a seasoned wrestler with four years of high school experience, clad in green speedos. Contrary to expectations, Derek's slender frame conceals a warrior's heart and a mastery of moves that belies his size.

From the opening moments, Derek proves he's not just another opponent to be easily bested. Utilizing his surprisingly strong legs, he dominates Rusty, showcasing a level of control and agility that leaves the audience in awe. Rusty, with his experience and determination, finds himself unexpectedly on the defensive, battling not just Derek's relentless attacks but also his own disbelief at the tenacity of his lighter opponent.

As Rusty tries to assert his strength, Derek's prowess in reversing holds and escaping from potentially match-ending moves highlights his exceptional training and indomitable spirit. The match is a rollercoaster of emotions and physicality, with each wrestler pushing the other to their limits.

In the end, the match concludes with a narrow 3-2 victory, a testament to the fierce competition and respect earned on both sides. This encounter at Movimus Wrestling isn't just a match; it's a story of underestimation, perseverance, and the raw talent of a "skinny" teen who refused to be sidelined.

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