Rusty Rabell vs. Derek Ortiz

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Rusty Rabell 5’11” 149 27yo
Derek Ortiz 5’8” 130 19yo

Check out this teen! At 130 pounds , Derek ( multi-colored speedo) is fearless, tough, trained and determined. Rusty (green speedos), a trained wrestler himself (wrestled all four years in HS) thought Derek would be an easy victory. But this “skinny” teen is not about to be pushed around the mat. Check out his moves. Check out his really strong legs and how he continuously uses them.

Rusty, determined not to lose to a 130 pounder, gets pounded for the first 15 minutes of this match. He’s moaning and groaning in pain. Each time Rusty reverses, Derek turns it right around and regains control. Rusty struggles with all his power to escape some of Derek’s vicious legs scissors.

Rusty manages to get in a couple good moves himself, but scrappy, scrawny Derek knows exactly how to escape and reverse – very impressive. Derek does an awesome job against Rusty, but don’t think it is at all one-sided. The final outcome was 3-2. You’ll be surprised who came out on top.

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