"Sadistic" Sid Shaw vs. Case "CT" Thornton

FILE SIZE: HD 2.03GB / 4K 6.11 GB

"Sadistic" Sid Shaw 5'10" 193 LBS
Case "CT" Thornton  5'11" 175 LBS

It's been a while since we last saw Case wrestling with Movimus Wresting. He may be gone but definitely not forgotten. When he contacted us for a match, we were excited to pair him up with pro-wrestler, "Sadistic" Sid Shaw. Fans will know that Sid made his Movimus Wrestling debut last year, but shortly after, he experienced an injury that took him out of action. With Sid available, we scheduled for both wrestlers to meet up and battle. 

Case is to-date one of the most laidback wrestlers we know. He is unfazed by Sid and took his time to size him up and work his moves on him. Bodyscissor, headlocks... you name it, Case did it. Somehow Sid always manages to get out initially but as the match continues, he began to falter. 

What made this match incredibly exciting was it was done in one single take, all 35 minutes of it. There were no breaks between both wrestlers, which goes to show their stamina and determination. They both just want to battle it out till one of them taps. 

Technical Note:

The 4K version of this match is available in HDR format and running at 60 frames per second. If you experience choppy video, it means your device is not optimized to view the match in 4K. Instead, we recommend that you download the HD version. 


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