Ray Mousi vs. Shawn Duncan

Total Running Time: 31:21
FILE SIZE: HD 2.68GB/ 4K 5.37GB

Ray Mousi 5'10" 198 LBS
Shawn Duncan 5'5" 156 LBS

It's been a while since we last saw Shawn Duncan (yellow). This time he is back against Ray Mousi (pink). It is the battle of the muscle boys and bodybuilding fans are going to love this match as each of them took their turn to even out the match, and putting their muscles to great use. 

Obviously, Ray is the bigger of two, but it does not mean that Shawn got pushed over. Shawn used his size to his advantage and gave Ray a good workout on the mat. The match got off to a fast start, and before you know it, the first tap out. Both wrestlers demonstrate great stamina and like our release with "Sadistic" Sid Shaw vs. Case "CT" Thornton, has nearly 30 minutes of non-stop action on the mat. 

Technical Note: 
The 4K version of the match is available in HDR. The HD version has been color adjusted for non-HDR screens. 


Wrestlers: Ray Mousi, Shawn Duncan

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