Braden Trelisse vs. Shawn Duncan

Total Running Time: 32:03
File Size: HD 2.43GB/ 4K 3.62GB

Shawn Duncan                        5’5”             152 lbs.                      
Braden Trelisse                       5’7”              176 lbs.

Braden (blue speedos) challenges Shawn (yellow speedos).    These guys never met in person until they showed up at the Movimus Studio – and both wrestlers knew that this was going to be a really tough match.    “His arms look bigger than mine” Shawn said before the match.   Braden is pretty quiet and laid back – basically a slow starter, but he is one very, very strong 20 year old.  

The first fall was almost 15 minutes of non-stop action.  Shawn was the aggressor and Braden used his awesome power to keep Shawn on his back on the mat for much of the first fall.  But Shawn managed to get a really tight choke right across Braden’s throat.   Braden tapped out in the front face lock and choke. 

The second fall is much of the same:  Shawn the aggressor, Braden defending and apparently over-powering Shawn.  Another long fall!  Once again Shawn takes his time and waits for Braden to leave and opening – then Shawn pounces and gets the win.

But the next two falls are very different.  Braden turns up the pressure and the action.  He locks a wicked strong head scissors on Shawn right at the beginning of the fall.  Shawn is in a lot of trouble, but manages to escape.  Braden continues will an array of great moves and holds that have Shawn on the defensive.   Braden just won’t let up and eventually gets the win – Braden winning both the third and fourth falls making the score 2 to 2 and a promise of a rematch real soon.      

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