Derek Ortiz vs. Ray Mousi: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 29:18
File Size: HD 1.68GB/ 4K 5.03GB

Derek Ortiz 5'11" 146 LBS
Ray Mousi 5'10" 199 LBS

The Rematch! Since their last match, both wrestlers have been wanting a rematch. As demonstrated in their first match. Derek has the strength and tenacity to take on guys bigger than him. Ray knows that Derek is using his flexibility to his advantage, and presses on using his muscles to slowly force Derek to giving up. However, Derek is determined. 

As match progresses, it becomes harder and harder to tell who will tap first. At times you can see it coming so close in their eyes, but with a flip, the tables are turned. Derek has long demonstrated that size is not everything when it comes to wrestling, and knows that he can use his skills to his advantage. Ray, also knows that with guys like Derek, the strategy is to use strength to wear him out. 

This is an exciting sequel to the first match and we cannot wait to hear what you think. 

Note: The 4K version is available in HDR and running at 60fps to provide a smoother and richer visual experience. 



Wrestlers: Derek Ortiz, Ray Mousi

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