Rock Petrov vs. Case "CT" Thornton

Total Running Time: 25:29
File Size: HD 1.95GB/ 4K 4.37GB*

Rock Petrov: 5'8" 189 LBS
Case "CT" Thornton: 5'11" 175 LBS

This match demonstrates one thing: Experience always wins. 

Rock has heard so much about CT from Derek Ortiz. He is curious if he can use his muscles to his advantage over this legend. It has been a while since CT had wrestled with Movimus, and when we paired him with Rock, he all game to show this relative newcomer the ropes. 

Both wrestlers started friendly. Rock used his muscles to his advantage but CT has experience on his side.Just when Rock thinks he has the upper hand, CT maneuvers himself out of the situation. Over and over. No matter what moves Rock tried on him, he always has a way out, frustrating Rock in the process.  

*The 4K version of this match is available in HDR and running at 60fps. 

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