Derek Ortiz vs. "Sadistic" Sid Shaw: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 34:11
File Size: 1.96GB (HD only)

Derek Ortiz                 5’11”               155 lbs.       

"Sadistic" Sid Shaw   5'10"               193 lbs.

Derek took a whopping the last time he wrestled Sid, and this time he is back for vengeance. While warming up, Sid had noticed that he had a tight pull on one side of his shoulder and back. Despite so, he continued to move forward with the match and even told Derek not to go too rough. Derek after being humiliated previously by Sid was not going to let this opportunity slip by. 

Seizing the moment, he went after Sid with everything he got. Despite their size difference, Derek used his legs to his advantage and had Sid locked up in body scissor after body scissor. Sid kept pushing him off to no avail. 

With Sid's back now fully exposed, Derek took the opportunity to unleash a barrage of holds. This only made Sid angrier and he started to fight back, finally freeing himself from Derek's grip. The two went back and forth, with Sid working his best not to tap. In the end, Derek was able to lock in a final body scissor that forced Sid to submit.


This match is filmed and released in High Dynamic Range ("HDR").  

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