Derek Ortiz vs. "Sadistic" Sid Shaw

Total Running Time: 33:42
File Size: HD 1.94GB

Derek Ortiz                 5’11”               155 lbs.       

"Sadistic" Sid Shaw   5'10"               193 lbs.


"Sadistic" Sid Shaw joins Movimus Wrestling as he is exploring new avenues to take on new challengers, and right away when the gauntlet was thrown, Derek Ortiz picked it up. We had our initial reservations given the disparity between the two of them. However, Derek was determined. Where he lacked in size, he made up for it in stamina and he wanted to take on someone bigger than him. 

"Oh my God is Sid Shaw HOT! and as sadistic as advertised!"

Ringside at Skull Island

Sid Shaw definitely knows what he is doing when he saw Derek. He allowed Derek to put him into submission positions  several times in the beginning, but never tapped out. He amused himself by tiring Derek out and eventually, he showed his true intentions. The match became pure domination heaven for Sid as he brutally worked Derek through the paces like a cat who had caught a mouse. Just when Derek thought he might have a chance, Sid flipped him over, and forcing him to tap out, over and over. 

Derek certainly had chewed on more than he could bite and Sid definitely delivers total brutality. His cocky demeanor infuriated Derek, who vowed to get back at him with a rematch despite our concerns. We shall see. 


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