Kurtis Rivers vs. Sam Reddy

Total Running Time: 19:26
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Sam Reddy            6’7”                   202 lbs.                      
Kurtis Rivers          5’7”                   134 lbs.

Kurtis (green speedos) may be a foot shorter and 73 pounds lighter than Sam (grey/white speedos), but Kurtis is totally confident that he can win this match.   Exuding extreme confidence, knowing what a great wrestler he is, and having won all his matches so far at Movimus, Kurtis knows he has the skill and the power to beat Sam.    But Sam is huge, tough and loves a real challenge.   This turns out to be one of the very best matches we have ever filmed at Movimus.  

"Word is that Rivers is one of the best scrappers at Movimus, possibly THE best, given his training, experience, and instinctive caginess."

Ringside at Skull Island

Sam wraps his long arms around Kurtis chest and takes him to the mat.   Sam works to get behind Kurtis and attempts to use his long, super strong legs.   Kurtis is not going to let that happen.   Kurtis tries for a triangle, but Sam just gets up and breaks the hold.  Kurtis is really getting pushed around the mat and controlled – very uncharacteristic for Kurtis.  Sam clamps on a full nelson, but Kurtis’ skill and strength keep Sam from getting the body scissors as well – so Kurtis escapes.  They both exchange leg and ankle locks – back and forth – until Sam makes the huge mistake of letting Kurtis get behind him and Kurtis clamps on a rear naked choke and it’s all over.

The next twenty minutes is “SAM DOMINATION” as Sam continues to use his height and weight to control Kurtis and work him over.  A really tough head scissors has Kurtis yelling and struggling, but he won’t tap.  Kurtis tries for a triangle but Sam just wraps his huge legs around Kurtis’ waist and squeezes until Kurtis releases the triangle and suffers very obviously in the body scissors.   It’s back and forth, but Kurtis is definitely taking a pretty good beating.   Finally Sam gets Kurtis in a figure four head scissors for a long time until Kurtis attempts to slip out, only to have Sam apply a full head scissors.   Sam’s legs are stretched to their full length and pumped, very muscular, tight and squeezing really hard around Kurtis’ head.   Kurtis can’t take it for too long and taps.

It’s a draw:   1 – 1  and a promise of a rematch.   These guys are awesome .   Don’t be surprised to see these two tough wrestlers in a WORLD SERIES MATCH !

Wrestlers: Kurtis Rivers, Sam Reddy

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