Charlie Epps vs. Sam Reddy

Total Running Time: 20:15
File Size: HD 1.55GB/ 4K 7.66GB

Charlie Epps                           6’              205 lbs.
Sam Reddy                             6’7”        200 lbs.

Charlie (red speedos) is a solid, strong, powerful bodybuilder.   Sam (green speedos) is very, very long, lanky and a skilled MMA wrestler and fighter.    We figured this would be a great match-up and super wrestling match --- and we were not disappointed.   Charlie takes the early lead and wrestles like he is going to dominate and destroy Sam, but then Sam reverses, gains control and puts some real pressure and hurt on Charlie.   Sam attempts to use his really long, strong legs over and over again, but you can see how Charlie uses all his energy to keep away from Sam’s legs.   Sam works to get behind Charlie and tries for a rear-naked choke, but Charlies is just too strong to let that happen.   Back and forth, both wrestlers punishing each other, until Charlie gets Sam down and really puts a squeeze on his head and neck.   Sam taps !

But the second fall is very, very quick cause Sam hates to lose.   Sam clamps a front face lock and choke on Charlie right from the start, brings Charlie the mat and gets the win!   Now it turns into an all-out brawl.  Lots of great muscle moves- super holds and some great reversals and counters.  Charlie is strong, real strong, but you can see how he struggles to handle the 6’7” powerful frame of Sam.   Excellent stamina on both wrestlers – really great wrestling.  

There is definitely a winner, but it is a super close match.   Both wrestlers agree to a rematch in the very near future.   They are both psyched for a decisive win – an unquestionable victory.   Sam knows he’s got to use those powerful, long legs.   Charlie knows he’s got enough muscle and strength to get Sam to quit, but who is going to get the finishing move first.   We are going to find out !

Wrestlers: Charlie Epps, Sam Reddy

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