Sam Reddy vs. Myles Morales

Total Running Time: 20:21
File Size: HD 1.56GB / 4K 7.71GB

Myles Morales                      5’10”      195 lbs.
Sam Reddy                           6’7”        205 lbs.

Myles (red speedos) lives in the gym.   Just check out the size of this guy.   One can only imagine how strong he is.   Sam (blue speedos), at 6’7”, is very, very difficult to wrestle, especially when he starts using his long, strong legs.   Sam is wrestling to win – as always.   Myles is out to prove he can handle and defeat a guy 6’7” tall.  Myles uses a head lock to get Sam on the mat, be he can’t hold onto it.   Sam is fast, very fast, for his size.  So he uses his speed to keep away from Myles’ muscles. Sam uses a front face lock to get back to his feet and tries (unsuccessfully) to bring Myles to the mat.   Myles is able to get behind Sam and easily bring him to the mat, get on top and work to keep Sam on his back.  Although Sam uses his strong legs to keep Myles from too much control, Myles is obviously strong enough to keep Sam on the mat – working hard to tire him out.

"The 16-minutes of wrestling is solid and non-stop. They go for the standards - takedowns, headlocks, chokes and arm work, each using their bodies effectively."

The Cave

Myles learns real fast that he can control Sam with a head lock.   Sam has trouble with those huge biceps.  But Sam is a real brawler.  He flips his body over – again and again – and escapes.   Myles goes after the head lock again and again, but Sam is doing his best to get Myles in a head scissors.   Myles knows that, if Sam gets a good head scissors on him, he won’t be able to reach Sam’s ankles to break the hold.  So Myles does everything and anything to avoid the head scissors.  When Myles uses a scissors, you can see how he just crushes Sam.  Sam must wrestle his best to escape.   This is some really excellent submission wrestling.

This is give-and-take, back-and-forth, both wrestlers seem to be getting stronger as the match goes on.   Great action!  Fast and agile moves !   Very even – either wrestler could win a fall at any time.  They are both strong enough to bring the other guy down.   They are both asking for a rematch – and they will get it.   Myles wants to prove he  can beat Sam – and Sam wants to get the big-muscle guy to tap out !

Wrestlers: Myles Morales, Sam Reddy

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