Sam Reddy vs. Shawn Duncan: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 30:36
File Size: HD 2.34GB/ 4K 3.47GB

Shawn Duncan                        5’5”                 154 lbs.                      
Sam Reddy                              6’7”                 206 lbs.

Shawn (blue speedos) challenges Sam (red speedos).   Shawn is psyched to wrestle a guy that is more than a foot taller than he is.   “I can definitely beat him” Shawn told us before the match – and he sure wrestles this match, the whole match, as if he wants to win at any cost.   There is no doubt that Shawn can use his incredible power to be a force against Sam.   But once Sam starts using those super long and strong legs, Shawn has much more of a competitive match.   Early in the match, Sam wraps his massive legs around Shawn’s upper body and realizes that Shawn is under control and struggling to escape.   From that point on, Sam continues to attempt to use his legs over and over again, keeping Shawn on the defensive and tiring him out.

The first fall is a grueling ten minutes of totally aggressive action that ends in a double head scissors causing one guy to tap out!    Can Shawn tolerate Sam’s super long, stretched out legs?   Can Sam withstand a massive figure-four wrapped around his head with those muscular thighs of Shawn?

A total of five submissions – with a definite winner and a stated challenge for a rematch from the loser.   Big guy vs. small guy!   Super tall vs. short and powerful!  Very muscular body builder vs. long, lanky and cocky opponent ! This is the best! It’s one of those matches that you’ll watch over and over again.

Wrestlers: Sam Reddy, Shawn Duncan

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