Nero Angelo vs. Ray Mousi

Total Running Time: 20:43
File Size: HD 1.15GB/ 4K 5.63GB

Ray Mousi                               5’8”     186 lbs .          

Nero Angelo                            5’8”     174 lbs.


Nero (maroon speedos) challenges Ray (orange speedos).    Both these wrestlers have superior strength.   It’s just a matter of who can get the finishing hold first.  Ray show Nero just how strong he really early in the match when he clamps a nasty head lock on Nero and simply won’t let go.   Nero groans and moans as he does everything he can to escape.  It seems that Ray is just applying that head lock tighter and tighter with every escape attempt that Nero tries.   When Nero finally escapes he works to keep Ray under control on the mat, but that is not going to happen.   Just look at Ray’s massive, muscular body as he wrenches Nero back and forth in that awesome head lock.

Ray again gets on top and clamps on another head lock with his full weight on Nero’s chest.  Nero again struggles to breathe and survive that vicious head lock.  Nero fights with all his power and refuses to submit.   Actually, he is draining all the energy and stamina from Ray incredibly powerful body, hoping that Ray will become fatigued.   Nero has some great wrestling moves and holds that he has successfully used against many of his opponents.   It seems that Ray just powers out of everything and maintains control of Nero. 

These two very powerful wrestlers go at each other with non-stop intense submission action.   There is a definite winner – surprisingly – and a very unhappy loser.   They both promise a rematch and another awesome brawl.  This is one of those feuds that is not going to be settled easily.  These guys are out to beat each other and they will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal.   Nero has the moves, the experience, and the skill – along with his incredible strength.  Ray has the muscle, size and bulk – and a fierce determination to win.   It doesn’t get any better than this.

Wrestlers: Nero Angelo, Ray Mousi

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