Nero Angelo vs. Dave Markus: World Series Match

Total Running Time: 35:18
File Size: HD 1.97GB/ 4K 6.43GB

Nero Angelo 5’7” 174 lbs.
Dave Markus 5’9” 177 lbs.

Nero (blue speedos) put on 10 pounds of muscle for this match.   Dave (pink speedos) has never made Nero tap and Nero wanted to be sure that he was not going to lose even just one fall in their World Series Match  (4-out-of-7).   There is not holding back at all.  Both wrestlers are out to win – no matter what it takes.   Dave gave Nero a pretty decent beating in their rematch even though he has never been able to get a submission from Nero.   Dave started this match being quite sure he knew exactly what moves and holds to avoid.   Dave was fully aware of how strong Nero is and Dave was sure he could avoid most of Nero’s finishing holds.   Nero was about to unleash an array of new , vicious, punishing holds on Dave.   “This 21 year old is going down in a big way” Nero told us before the match.

"The stress and tear begin to show in the last half of this 35-minute submissions contest... making the event more momentous is that it catches Angelo and Markus in top form and at the peak of their popularity with wrestling fans."

Ringside at Skull Island

So they go at each other right off the bat with great power and awesome struggle.   It’s a very fair exchange lots of tremendous action for the first 20 minutes without a winner.  Lots of punishment and struggle.  You can see the pain, the determination, the very strong wills of both wrestlers as you watch their faces for all this match.   Who is going to get the first fall and the upper hand?  Is it going to be a 4 – 0 total domination?   Who is going to be walking off the mat a winner?   Both wrestler know that this is their last shot at each other.   Dave has a score to settle.   Nero has a reputation to uphold.   

After almost 35 minutes --- it’s all over!   The victor is beaming.   The loser has his head low as he walks off the mat.   If you only watch one Movimus match in your entire life – THIS HAS GOT TO BE THE ONE ! ! !


Wrestlers: Dave Markus, Nero Angelo

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