Aron Stokes vs. Ray Mousi

Total Running Time: 21:04
File Size: HD 1.14GB/ 4K: 1.61GB

Ray Mousi             5’8”               186 lbs
Aron Stokes          6’1”                178 lbs.

Ray (red speedos) watched Aron (purple speedos) wrestle a couple times then challenged him.  “I know he’s good” Ray told us, “but I know I can beat him”.    Aron was actually quite intimidated by Ray’s size and build.   Aron knew he would have be at his “wrestling best” in order to beat Ray.  Aron goes for a single leg take down right away, but almost immediately abandons that idea once he feels the power of Ray as Ray wraps his massive arms around Aron’s body.   Ray keeps Aron in a front face lock for a while.  Aron struggles to escape and eventually gets Ray in a head lock.   Watch how Aron wrestles to effectively keep Ray on the mat in the head lock.   We think it was because Aron was afraid what would happen if Ray escaped.

Ray may not be an extremely skilled wrestler but his sheer size and power makes up for all that.   He just about takes everything Aron can dish out and it doesn’t seem to phase Ray at all.    Aron manages to stay on top and in control, but Ray is not even close to being in any kind of trouble.  When Ray manages to get a tight head lock on Aron, Aron moans and struggles violently to escape.   You can just see the tremendous power Ray has as he squeezes Aron.   IT’s back and forth for twenty minutes of total muscle wrestling.   Ray gets more and more pumped as the match goes on, and Aron uses every bit of power and skill he has just to maintain a bit of control 

This is definitely one of Aron’s toughest challenges.  He seems to be getting better and better and some of the Movimus “best wrestlers” are challenging him.   Can he handle Kevin Harris or Max Anderson?  How about Brock Hammer?  Would Aron even accept a challenge from Brock .  Hopefully we will find out real soon.


Wrestlers: Aron Stokes, Ray Mousi

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