Travis Carter vs. Don Cooper

Total Running Time: 21:11
File Size: 1.05GB

Travis Carter              5’8”     187 lb              20yo
Don Cooper               6’3”     185 lbs.            19yo

Coop (Maroon speedos) watched Travis (blue speedos) go head-to-head with Claymore Kenneth Alexander and immediately told Movimus that he wanted Travis on the mat.   We set the match up right away.   Coop may be long and lanky, but he is one very, very strong boy – deceivingly so !   We’ve seen him pick up guys 25 pounds heavier than himself and slam them to the mat.   His legs are incredibly strong, after all, he’s a basketball player.   Travis too is very, very powerful.  Just check out the shots of Travis at the beginning of this match.   The boy is solid. compact muscle.

"...the contrast between the two is what makes this match sizzle."

Inner Jobber

Coop uses his height and leverage to maintain a top position and control Travis.   Travis knows that he is strong enough not to let that happen.   They struggle back and forth.   Coop gets control and Travis reverses.   Travis clamps on a hold and Coop escapes.   At one point, Travis gets such a tight body scissors on Coop that we were sure Coop would submit.   He didn’t.  He escaped and the struggle got more intense.   Travis keeps clamping on one body scissors after another.   Coop is getting winded and struggling to escape Travis’ wicked strong legs.   This is 20 minutes of back and forth submission wrestling – nothing is held back in this match.    These two wrestlers want to win – and it shows all through the match.


It’s not over.   Not five minutes after the match ended, both wrestlers asked for a re-match.   Actually, they wanted the re-match immediately – right then and there, but we told them to hold off.   That may have been a mistake.  Both guys are working hard – working out – learning moves and perfecting skills.   The re-match is imminent.

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