Travis Carter vs. Richie Towler

Total Running Time: 20:14
File Size: 922.5MB

Travis Carter                5’8”           180lbs.            20yo
Richie Towler               5’5”           155lbs.            21yo

Travis (red speedos) feels very confident against the smaller Richie (black/green speedos). Richie may be shorter but look at his body. He’s a “gym-addict”. Check out his arms and legs, his huge quads and ripped abs. This boy spends a lot of time in his college gym – and it shows. Travis is very, very strong – a power lifter. Richie is a body-builder, wrestler and has some martial arts experience. There is no doubt that these two guys will be a great match.

Richie immediately tries to move in for a take-down – Travis pushes his off. They lock up like two collegiate wrestlers, both work for the head and arms of the other guy. Richie grabs one arm and Travis’ head and flips him to the mat. Travis uses his power, but can’t get a reversal. Richie locks very tight on Travis’ head and arm and holds him there. Richie misses a head scissors and Travis tries to get to his feet. Richie just powers him back to the mat on his back. Richie has Travis’ head and arm locked really tight and Travis is not going anywhere. Richie uses perfect balance to keep the big guy on his back on the mat. Travis just gets more and more frustrated.

Richie finally gets in the “school-boy pin” position and puts awesome pressure on Travis’ head and arms. It’s all over for Travis – and he is not happy. He just can’t believe how strong this little guy is.

The second match is more intense, much more wrestling – fast and furious. Great moves, wicked holds from both wrestlers. Both guys take a lot of punishment and won’t tap out. Both guys are totally wrestling to win. It’s great - really tough wrestling. Richie is super fast on the mat. Travis is super strong. They both use all their skill and power. Great body scissors that force a tap out. Nasty headlocks and arm locks that require full strength to escape from or a tap out. Lots of real fast, submission wrestling action. Not a dull move or hold in this match – it’s all action.

Both these wrestlers are asking to take on some of our best. Travis wants to take on the strongest – maybe Brock Hammer. Richie wants to beat the guy that has the most wins – look out Max Anderson.

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