Brock Hammer vs. Travis Carter

Total Running Time: 23:24
File Size: 957.2MB

Brock Hammer               6’2”                  215 lbs               24yo
Travis Carter                  5’8”                  190 lbs.              20yo

Travis (purple speedos) asked for a challenge. Brock (green/black speedos) was more than ready for the challenge. Brock is more defined, ripped and stronger than he ever was. Travis put on ten pounds of muscle and is as powerful as he can be, lifting heavy weights and working out with much bigger wrestlers. Both wrestlers were totally confident of the win, but each knew it was going to be a real challenge. Both wrestlers need to be totally defeated or locked in a helpless position before they will tap – and that is exactly what happened.

Brock gets the first takedown and control. He immediately goes for Travis’ head, rear chin lock and control, but Travis shows how powerful he is by escaping and reversing. Brock tries for his favorite ankle lock, misses, then goes for a boston crab. No Way ! Travis is just too strong and powers free almost immediately. Another fast exchange of moves and holds leaves Brock overpowered in a cradle. Travis then gets behind Brock, head and arm lock with a body scissors. Brock is using every ounce of muscle he has to escape. Another quick exchange of moves leaves Brock in a really tight head scissors. When he finally escapes, he can’t get himself off the mat and Travis takes advantage.

So it goes ! Back and forth! Give and take! These two big wrestlers move like they were lightweights, wrestle with skill and agility, and clamp on their opponent with vice-like precision. Both wrestlers work for all the different moves they can think of. This is a real battle, the likes of which we have not seen in a long time. Both guys have really strong legs and they know how to use them. Totally awesome display of wrestling ability and power. Anyone that has been in a real, competitive submission match will appreciate this match more than most other matches. IT’s super intense and both wrestlers struggle for the win. Really a GREAT match.

Watch for both these wrestlers again, probably against each other. Neither is satisfied that it is over, although there is definitely a clear winner here. We can’t wait for the rematch ! ! !


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