Travis Carter vs. Claymore K. Alexander

Total Running Time: 22:31
File Size: 1.14GB

Travis Carter 5’8” 186lbs. 20yo
Claymore Kenneth Alexander 5’10” 175lbs. 22yo

Travis (striped speedos) has been working hard on his wrestling skills since his match against Jeff Jordan. He found a wrestler in his dorm in Oklahoma and has been wrestling a couple times a week, honing and sharpening his skills. Claymore (blue) speedos is strong and skilled and hates to lose. This is an awesome match in the making. These big tough guys go right at each other and both work hard for submission holds. Travis almost immediately clamps a tight head scissors on Claymore. Claymore can’t believe how strong Travis’ legs are – and he can’t believe he got caught so early in the match. He struggles hard to escape but Travis keeps a really tight bear hug on him and Claymore is having trouble getting air!

Claymore manages to reverse and get on top, but Travis’ really strong upper body is just too much for Claymore to handle, so he resorts to using all his skill for control and dominance. Claymore works hard to stay on top of Travis, trying to wrap Travis up with his legs and get some sort of scissors with an arm lock. Travis is one very powerful boy and he uses his power to keep Claymore at bay. This is a real brawl. No getting up ! No starting on their feet! These two wrestlers stay on the mat and “wrestle-it-out” until there is a clear-cut, undisputed winner.

Both these guys are asking for more Movimus matches. The other Movimus wrestlers have got to watch out for these two powerful wrestlers !

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