Tino Bravado vs. Ernie Willis

Total Running Time: 32:51
File Size: 391.6MB

Tino Bravado 5'8" 145 19yo
Ernie Willis 5'6" 151 19yo

These two teens are not friends and came to Movimus ready to destroy each other. They both are out to impress us with their wrestling ability and neither wants to lose his first Movimus Match. Tino (black bike shorts) is a college baseball player, gym addict, and local stripper. He has done more than his share of wrestling, as you can and will see in this match. Ernie (blue speedos) is also an athlete, competitive, tough and aggressive. Ernie is a Chicago street kid, brought up to be tough.

Ernie has trouble controlling the muscular Tino. Ernie is strong and toned, but Tino is just tougher. He takes control of the match at the outset and begins to go for a wrap-around chock hold on Ernie. Ernie keeps his chin tucked and avoids the hold but Tino uses his powerful legs to wrap up Ernie and then, eventually, throws on a tight choke. It's all over.

Tino continues to effectively use the same hold, but not without taking a beating himself. Ernie is no slouch and is not about to let this "tough-guy" take him down without a stuggle. These guys are competitive and aggressive. When you watch Tino, you will swear he has been wrestling competitively for years. The Movimus Wrestlers are already lining up to challenge these two teens.

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