Chuck Rowen vs. Tommy "Ruk" Rukker

Total Running Time: 22:05
File Size: 926MB

Tommy “Ruk” Rukker               5’7”         158 lbs               22yo
Chuck Rowen                          5’7”          161 lbs.             27yo

Two trained fighters: Chuck (white speedos) ju-jitsu purple belt, great wrestler and in awesome shape. Tommy Rukker (orange speedo) high school and college wrestler, ju-jitsu trained, compact and strong. What a tremendous set-up. Both wrestlers are determined to win. Ruk is intense, very intense – knows all the moves and how to use them to make his opponent tap out. Chuck is super intense. He doesn’t care about the camera, the audience or what anyone else has to say. He knows he’s good. He knows he’s strong and he simply will not tap out. He has got to be the toughest Movimus wrestler to get to tap out. He just won’t quit.

So both wrestlers go at each other with a level of competitive intensity that we have not seen before in over 200 matches. The holds are incredible. Muscles staining, bodies twisted and tormented. Both wrestlers are giving this match all they’ve got and both are out to win at all cost. This is simply a super match. Check out the power of each of these guys. Both have wrestled much bigger guys at Movimus before and both have done very, very well. There is no holding back, just all out action. Although they have a lot of respect for each other, you’d never know it when you watch them wrestle. The variety of moves and holds is outstanding. The tight, bulging muscles are obvious, but there is nothing like the wrestling and ju-jitsu they use on each other. How awesome is it to see one really good fighter being forced to tap-out in a totally wicked hold. How awesome is it to see him get right back to his feet and go at his opponent again.


There is a definite winner and you can hear them already talking about the rematch. The winner is totally convinced that he can win again. The loser is more convinced that he will not lose to this guy another time. Personally, I can’t wait for this rematch. Maybe we’ll make it a World Series Match – 4-out-of-7.

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