Connor Flynn vs. Donnie "Brax" Braxton

Total Running Time: 21:45
File Size: HD 1.25GB/ 4K 4.6GB

Connor Flynn                          6’1”           172 lbs          22yo
Donnie “Brax” Braxton            5’11”         171 lbs          24yo

Brax (green speedos) is certainly not the most aggressive Movimus wrestler. He’s just really good on the mat. He’s built, strong, got years of wrestling experience and is one tough guy. Connor (white speedos) is boisterous, loud, and loves issuing challenges. Well, these two guys did not “hit it off” real well when they met. Connor immediately challenged Brax. This all happened in a bar in the Village. Connor was ready to wrestle Brax right then and there.

So they met at the Movimus matroom the next day. Brax, as quiet and reserved as he is, told us he was going to destroy this guy. We were convinced that Brax was underestimating Connor’s ability. Brax is the wrestler, Connor is the brawler – a great combination.

Connor takes Brax to the mat and works him over. Brax wraps up Connor in legit wrestling moves and holds, Connor escapes and reverses. Connor is really strong and knows how to use his power. For most of the first match, Connor is manhandling Brax and Brax hates it. Eventually, Brax is caught and can’t escape. He taps.

This match is really great and not over. There were four tap outs – two each. Connor just can’t escape Brax’s head lock – you’ve got to see that. Brax can’t escape Connor’s powerful legs. They both want a rematch. Each wrestler is convinced that he can beat the other. Both evenly matched, the same size, and not friends. Two completely different personalities in hand-to-hand competition. Brax is asking for an open-ended match – no time limit. Brax wants Connor on the mat until one of them just can’t go on and says “uncle”. Very interesting idea !

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