Erik Brown vs. Greg Ramsey: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 25:53
File Size: 307.9MB

Erik Brown 5'9" 163 20yo
Greg Ramsey 5'7" 136 20yo

THE REMATCH ! Greg (black/blue speedos) is just amazing. He hated that he wrestled Erik (black/gold speedos) to a draw in their first match. Greg is the toughest 136 pounder and the most competitive, that we have ever had at Movimus. He just won't lose. His legs are so strong that any tight head scissors is going to secure a tap out. But Erik is no easy win. Although he doesn't have the experience that Greg has, he is intense, in great shape, strong, and also extremely competitive. He too just won't tap out. These two wrestlers are perfectly matched.

This rematch is nothing like the first one. Erik has improved in skill and attitude. He is not going to allow himself to get pushed around, and he is determined not to get caught in that vicious arm bar like he did in the first match. Erik starts out more determined and ready. But in no way is Greg intimidate - in fact - he is more energized. They push each other around for a while, using different take downs and defensive moves. Greg gets behind Erik and applies the rear head lock and body scissors that has Erik using all his power to get out of. Greg does this again, and again Erik is in trouble.

Erik easily reverses and goes for his own submission moves, but Greg is just too good. Greg is quick, agile and determined not to get caught in a submission hold. Erik is "way" strong, but Greg quick. Again we have 30 minutes without a submission. The next match is already planned.

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