Erik Brown vs. Bruno Veltri

Total Running Time: 22:13
File Size: 269.7MB

Erik Brown 5'9" 164 20yo
Bruno Veltri 5'10" 177 35yo

Bruno (green/black speedos) was recommended to us by other wrestlers. They met him at a submission wrestling club on Long Island and invited him to wrestle. He came to Movimus and immediately challenged Erik Brown. Erik (blue speedos) is always up to wrestle an older guy, bigger than himself. This is one rough and tumble match. At the end, we had two black eyes and a scratched lower leg - kinda unusual at Movimus. These two wrestlers are powerful and tough. Lots of leg scissors for control have both wrestlers using a lot of stamina to escape.

Takedowns are a real test of power. Both guys won't give an inch and both try for total control. They are working on each other head and face, thus the black eyes. Erik might be smaller , but he has great balance and very , very tight muscles. It's really hard to throw him around. Bruno has been working out , wrestling, for over a year and has a lot of confidence, especially against a smaller younger opponent. He was surprised by Erik and he loved every minute of it. Erik has come a long way at Movimus Wrestling. He's practicing regularly - I think because he knows he's going to have to face Max Anderson again.

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