Erik Brown vs. Greg Ramsey

Total Running Time: 29:10
File Size: 351.4MB

Erik Brown                          5'9"           162 lbs              20yo
Greg Ramsey                     5'7"           138 lbs              20yo

Greg (Black speedos) is a skilled amateur and professional wrestler from Maine - brought to Movimus by Denny Webb. He is without a doubt the most powerful 138 pounder we've ever met. Erik (red speedos) heard of Greg's reputation and knew he was in for a tough match. He sure was right.

Erik is himself very, very strong - chiseled and powerful. Although he lacks wrestling experience, he has been practicing and has a tremendous amount of natural ability. We were convinced that these two guys would wrestle for a real long time without either of them giving up. It's on of those Movimus matches where we had no idea what the outcome would be, nor could we guess. The match goes the entire time limit without a submission, just pure , raw, tough and rough wrestling for 25 minutes. Both wrestlers worked awesome moves on the other, and both were able to power out of just about everything. Greg's armbar had Erik squirming in pain, and Erik's body scissors had Greg struggling to escape. No break, no tap out for twenty-five minutes. Total exhaustion for both wrestlers. Erik has already asked for the rematch - and Greg said he is always ready for the challenge. We anticipate these two wrestlers having more than just one re-match.

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