Erik Brown vs. Max Anderson

Total Running Time: 29:09
File Size: 356.2MB

Erik Brown 5'9" 163 20yo
Max Anderson 5'11" 187 21yo

Max (navy blue speedos) put on some bulk and size. Hitting the gym a lot more, he's gained almost 10 lbs more of muscle. Max has his shirt off when Erik (green speedos) walks in the door of the studio and Erik is immediately concerned about wrestling the big muscle boy. But man does Erik show that he's got what it takes. He doesn't let the muscles or the 25 lbs. bother him at all. He goes right after Max, and Max the most difficult challenge of his wrestling career. Erik is a gym boy as well, and he has been training with Movimus. He's primed and more than ready to take on Max. He uses a very effective cross face and neck head lock that has Max straining and struggling more than one time. His power, and we mean this smaller guy is way strong, gets to frustrate Max and has Max in trouble many, many time. Erik gets behind Max and keeps a tight crossface and body scissors on the muscle boy. Max has some real trouble breaking the hold and he starts to get very frustrated.

It's a totally violent and vicious head scissors that causes Max to tap out - believe that or not. So Max comes back - mad, strong, and passionate. He wants this win. He's not about to let a 160 pounder be his first real defeat.

Max is in for a surprise and more than he bargained for. This is totally MAX ANDERSON AT HIS BEST ! You'd got to see this match. Hopefully, we will get a good rematch going, but we're not sure about that one.

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