Ray Mousi vs. "Sadistic" Sid Shaw

Total Running Time: 32:46
File Size: HD 3.72GB/ 4K 5.61GB

Ray Mousi 5'10" 198LBS
"Sadistic" Sid Shaw 5'10" 190LBS

If you enjoy matches that are slow and sizzling, this is the one for you. "Sadistic" Sid Shaw returns to Movimus Wrestling, and this time we found a more suitable pairing for him in terms of size and weight. We were hoping that with Ray Mousi's incredible physique, Sid won't be as cocky as the last time against Derek Ortiz

The match started nice and slow with each wrestler sizing his opponent before knocking other down. Once on the ground, it becomes a battle of strength and determination. Since we last saw Ray, he has certainly bulked up. He is bigger and tougher and Sid has a hard time trying to fight against pure brute strength. 

Ray uses his physique to his advantage and puts up a strong resistance that had Sid on the verge of giving up a few times. From their faces, you can see that both wrestlers were contemplating at times on how to gain an upper hand. As the match progresses, it becomes a matter of endurance versus strength.

Ray was planning to exhaust Sid and you can tell from the holds and chokes, but Sid manages to wrestle his way out, frustrating Ray in the process. Back and forth both of them went at each other till one got too exhausted. 

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