Max Anderson vs. Dillon Walsh

Total Running Time: 25:49
File Size: HD 1.51GB/ 4K 5.5GB

Max Anderson 5’11” 196 23yo
Dillon Walsh 5’11” 211 19yo

Dillon (striped speedo) watched Max (green speedos) in one of his other matches about two weeks before this match. Dillon knew of Max’s reputation and Dillon wanted a shot at the tough guy. Not trained, not very skilled, Dillon makes up for it in power and size. He’s huge. Dillon thinks that he is going to manhandle Max and eventually make him “submit”.

Max has other ideas and Max is never cocky. He is controlled, calculating and patient. He can take a beating and come back fighting harder. So Max brings the big teen to the mat with a nasty head lock and keeps it clamped on tight. Dillon struggles and struggles to eventually escape, but now Dillon knows it’s not going to be as easy as he thought. This is one great match. These two big guys are all about winning. There is an even exchange of submissions throughout – yeah, Dillon actually gets Max to tap more than one time.

Check out the expression on Max’s face when Dillon gets him in a double chin lock and head scissors. You know that hurts. Max tries escaping for a long time, but Dillon is just too strong. This is GREAT! You’ll watch this one over and over again.

(The rematch has already been held – released soon – and still no decisive winner. These two muscle boys have a feud going and you’ll.

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