Jax Holland vs. Dillon Walsh: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 24:53
File Size: SD 270.2MB/ HD 1.43GB

Jax Holland             6’1”        198 lbs         23yo
Dillon Walsh            5’11”      194 lbs         21yo

THE REMATCH! Jax (green speedos) is more than ready! He took a couple days off, then told us he was ready to beat Dillon (blue speedos). So we put them on the mat. Both wrestlers spent almost 30 minutes warming up before this match. (wish we had taped that) Each of them knew that this was going to be an incredible match that would determine the best man! Both wanted the win – bad!

Jax uses his legs a lot more than in their first match – and Dillon turns Jax and puts him on his shoulders numerous times. Dillon uses his almost 200 pounds to push down on Jax’s shoulders and tries to cut off his air. That just pisses Jax off and he gets more wild and certainly more strong. Dillon counters with confidence and this match gets tougher and rougher. Both wrestlers pull out all the stops and wrestle their best to win.

You wrestling fans will watch this match over and over again! It’s a real barn-burner. Somehow I don’t think this feud is over yet!

Note: This match has been remastered from the original Hi8 tape and AI-Enhanced to HD. 

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