Jeremy Winslow vs. Rusty Rabell

Total Running Time: 32:37
File Size: SD 398.4MB/ HD 1.82GB

Jeremy Winslow                  5’10”            154 lbs           22yo
Rusty Rabell                        6’                 147 lbs           21yo

Both these guys are former HS wrestlers and in awesome shape. Jeremy (blue speedos) found Movimus and immediately contacted us asking for a match. Rusty is a hard-working guy who loves a good brawl. Both were ready for this match. Neither met each other until five minutes before they wrestled (the best way to set it up).

These two guys wrestle rough and hard, both doing everything to get the other down and taping out. But this turns out to be very one-sided. The score doesn’t do these guys justice – it is a real war. On a hot, humid Sunday afternoon in New York City, the guy that sweats the most had the greatest advantage – and that’s just how it went down. Great moves, awesome holds. Headlocks galore, head scissors and body scissors – multiple tries at angle and heel locks, but just too sweaty.

So these two wrestlers just keep at each other to exhaustion. The strain, muscles, power and speed is intensified and magnificent. Totally incredible – how these wrestlers keep up the pressure and push to the submission. There is already no doubt about the rematch – it is already arranged.

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