Jeremy Winslow vs. Rusty Rabell

Total Running Time: 32:37
File Size:  HD 1.82GB/ 4K 6.99GB

Jeremy Winslow                  5’10”            154 lbs           22yo
Rusty Rabell                        6’                 147 lbs           21yo

Former high school wrestlers, Jeremy in blue speedos and Rusty, a brawler at heart, face off in an intense match that's as unpredictable as it is thrilling. Without prior acquaintance, their first encounter just five minutes before the bell rang set the stage for a raw and unfiltered clash of wills and strength.

This match is not for the faint-hearted. Jeremy and Rusty bring their all to the mat, engaging in a fierce competition that, despite its one-sided score, unfolds as a relentless battle. On a sweltering, humid Sunday afternoon in New York City, it's not just skill that determines the victor but also the ability to outlast the opponent in exhausting conditions. Sweat becomes a strategic advantage in this intense war of attrition.

Featuring a barrage of headlocks, head and body scissors, and attempts at ankle and heel locks, the match is a spectacle of pure wrestling prowess. Yet, the slick sweatiness of the combatants adds an extra layer of challenge, making each submission attempt a feat of sheer determination.

The outcome? A testament to the enduring spirit and physicality of both wrestlers, with a rematch already on the horizon, promising another epic battle. This match at Movimus Wrestling is a must-see for fans of authentic, hard-fought wrestling, showcasing the incredible endurance, technique, and heart of its competitors.

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