Brandon Aldrich vs. Swage

Total Running Time: 23:19
File Size: 249.1MB

Brandon Aldrich            6'           167 lbs         21yo
Swage                          5'9"        164 lbs         24yo

Brandon (red speedos) has been asking Movimus for a match against Swage (blue speedos) ever since he called us. He finally got his wish and man was he up for this match. Swage is probably in his best from ever, tough, lean, muscular, and thinking that he was going to have an easy time with the younger, less experienced Brandon. Thus, Swage's overconfidence gave the first submission to Brandon after only about 8 minutes of wrestling. Swage was totally helpless, on his back, in a reverse head lock. Brandon's long, strong legs gave him the balance he needed to get the submission from Swage.

Swage got up and immediately said "this one ain't over yet". The whole feel of this match changed. Swage was much more aggressive, cautious, tougher and rougher. It took about 12 minutes, but he finally got the submission from Brandon. Swage's cross-face and body scissors proved just too strong for Brandon to break out of.

Match three (this one went two out of three) was incredible. Both these muscled wrestlers worked real hard and had no mercy on each other. It was just a matter of what was going to get the best and tightest hold first, or who would get tired first. You'll have to see the outcome for yourselves.

One thing you can be sure of, you will see these two guys again in Movimus matches. Look out Kyle Bradford, Brandon wants you next.

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